Privacy policy


Lucky for you. We don't use cookies on the website.

Do you track me?

We don't.

The website's analytics data we gather it 100% anonymous, provided by Plausible, an open source privacy-friendly web analytics tool. Their mission is to reduce corporate surveillance by providing an alternative web analytics tool which doesn’t come from the AdTech world.

Personal data collection

You browse our website completely anonymous. You can listen and download our music without compromise.

When you make a purchase (buy a license), we receive your email address from our payment providers, to be able to create and send your purchased license to your inbox. This is the only personal data we gather.

Do you share my personal data with 3rd parties?

We don't, and will never do.

We do not share your personal data (email address) with anyone, and we will not send you targeted marketing materials.

Where is my personal data stored?

Our web server and database is located in Germany, our AWS storage is located in North-Europe.