Can I monetize content with your music?

Yes, you can!

Can I edit, trim or cut your music to match my content?


How do I sign up for a CreatorChords account or log in?

If you purchase a multi-song license (Duet, Triplet or Perfect Fifth), an account will automatically be created for you with the email address you indicated during your purchase. You receive an email to activate your account and set your password. Until that, there's no need for an account and we do not offer manual sign ups at the moment.

What is "proper credit"?

My name (Alexander Nakarada), name of the song(s) you're using, and a link to www.creatorchords.com. Preferably also either Patreon (/anakarada) or YouTube (@anakarada)

I received a copyright claim from We Are Era Music on YouTube, what to do?

If you receive a claim from We Are Era Music BV, this is because there's no credit in the description of the video.
My label scans video descriptions for credits and places a claim if none are found (if you don't have a paid license of course)

When credits are added, fill out this form then dispute the claim, and the system will re-scan the video.

Got questions, contact info@creatorchords.com

Are there any platforms where I CAN'T use your music?

Not really. My music is whitelisted for use on any platform, whether it's a big social media platform, a podcast or a personal platform. All use is allowed!

Can I publish your music on Spotify, iTunes, Google Music etc?

This one's a bit tricky. You cannot re-distribute my original music alone under your own name, as that would be theft. But you can use it as background music in your original releases. However, be careful not to copyright the entire production. That will copyright my music as well, and cause trouble for other people using it.

If I cancel my Patreon, what happens?

Nothing. You will have to credit me in future content publications, but all existing content (published during you Patronage) can stay the way it is.

Can I get your entire collection in a single download?

Absolutely. For only $15 you will receive a 24 hour link to download our current music library in .mp3 format on the link below:

Buy complete collection

Please note that this does not mean you are allowed to use our songs without attribution, this option is offered to just make it easier for you to browse and pick the song you like. Please check out our licensing options if you want to use our songs without attribution.

I need .wav files, but your site only offer mp3?

You can only find mp3 files on this site. If you want .wav files, you will have to purchase them from BandCamp, or become a Patron.

What's your refund policy?

As all our songs are free to listen to, we don't really have a refund policy. But if you really regret your purchase, or bought the wrong song by mistake, reach out to info@creatorchords.com, and we'll either correct your license for the right song, or refund the purchase for you.

Who are your payment providers?

There are multiple links on the site to make a purchase. We hope they are pretty obvious and straight forward.

Our payment providers are PayPal and Stripe (card and other wallet payments).