Licensing Info

Hate reading long formal chunks of text? Here's a video explaining everything.

My music is in the Smart Content ID database, which means that if you're downloading the music for free, proper attribution is required in the video description of you video.

The system scans the video description only, so this is where you need to attribute/credit. It scans for certain keywords, and credit should look like this:

Music: "song name" by Alexander Nakarada
Licensed under CC4 - Attribution

If you purchase an extended license, you will be prompted to fill out a form which lets us whitelist your channel for the track(s) you've purchased a license for.

At this point, attribution is no longer required.

For Patreon subscribers, we whitelist the entire channel, which means they can use the entire library, indefinitely without attribution, as long as they are Patrons.

The platforms affected are YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Twitch and X is not affected. For YouTube Shorts and TikTok please use their built in library (my music is available there).

What happens if you don't credit?

At this point your video will be ineligible for monetization, so please remember to credit if you monetize your content!

If you forgot to attribute when uploading the video, you will receive a claim. You can then add credits and fill out this form. That will make the system rescan your video description and release the claim if attribution is found.

Why did I do this?

Because last year there was constantly people trying to steal my music to monetize from it. This is now way harder, as my music is actually protected.

Still very much royalty free. Still very easy to use!